Management Philosophy

We will be making our best efforts to be a company that makes richness and aspirations come true while focusing on co-existence and co-prosperity with our customers.

We, kaichi Corporation, hold the above management philosophy and implement it through our products and offerings.

Company Overview
Company Name Kaichi Corporation
Luminary Tower Ikebukuro 3003, 2-52-3 Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku,Tokyo,171-0014 Japan
TEL 03-6912-8301
FAX 03-6912-8302
Foundation April 2003
Capital 10,000,000yen
President Yoshikazu Fukuoka
Correspondent Bank Mizuho Bank, Katsushika Branch
Shanghai Office Room 613, No.3 Wu Zhong Road, Shanghai 200235, China
TEL : 021-5425 7063/6468 8062 FAX : 021-5425 7053

Recent years, the manufacturing industry has been experiencing enormous changes in the
society and circumstances, such as environmental issues, globalization, and evolving IT.
We have addressed those changes with agility and achieved steady growth.
We will be consistently focusing on our customers' benefits among others and committing
ourselves to offering detailed services and sophisticated products that can contribute to
improved productivity.
We greatly appreciate your kind understanding and supports.

President Yoshikazu Fukuoka


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